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      She pointed a gun at police and asked to die; they used drones to intercede instead

      buy SKY SPEAKER-I MEGAPHONE FOR DRONES,RC Drone Laudspeakers for government,Aerial Airplane Siren UAVs Police Horn: Burdened by mounting health, job and family troubles, a Florida woman took to the road and headed north from her Cocoa Beach home, police say. ...

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        MIT's NanoMap Tech Allows for Consistent, High-Speed, Autonomous Drone Navigation

        buy Airdog AD20 ADII Auto Follow Drone with autonomous technology:   A group of researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory has developed a system called “NanoMap.” This technology uses a drone’s uncert...

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          Airbus drone set to deliver parcels throughout a university campus

          buy a robot With 5-Axis Precision Controlled Arm: Airbus completed its first flight demonstration of an air vehicle which will eventually deliver parcels to stations around a university campus in Singapore.   Unmanned drones will begin flying between parcel st...

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            DJI's Mavic Air drone is the best flying machine you can throw in your backpack

            buy the best drone you can throw in a backpack: CES 2018 was conspicuously devoid of new flying machines from drone-making behemoth DJI. Just a few weeks later, however, the company announced one of its most interesting crafts to date. The Mavic Air{rel=nofollow} is ...

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              Robotic 3D printer uses augmented reality to fabricate designs as they’re created

              buy a 3d printer:   Robotic assistants are one of the most enduring features when we envision our technological future. Whether they’re Roombas sweeping the floor or chauffeurs in the form of self-driving cars, our collective image of the future is almo...

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