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        Amazon foresees delivery drones flying into buildings

        buy a delivery drone:   Amazon, which earlier patented a drone that would fragment in mid-air in event of malfunction to minimize potential damage to schoolkids and others, has just acknowledged in a new patent that delivery drones may fly into buildings. ...

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          SK Telecom will demo 5G social VR, self-driving cars, and hologram AI at MWC 2018

          buy Ultimate Custom Self Driving Robots Vehicle Kit:   South Korea’s largest mobile provider — SK Telecom — announced today that it will debut “social virtual reality” and multiple 5G demonstrations, including...

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            Cleo's Donut-Shaped Drone Is Aimed at Indoor Security and Surveillance

            buy a security mobile drone camera: When the topic of drones in surveillance comes to mind, it’s usually focused on law enforcement or military strategy. The ever-strengthening nexus of affordability and technical functionality in the world of unmanned aerial v...

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              Drone Worries Prompt Vodafone to Develop UAV Tracking System

              buy a drone tracker: European telecom Vodafone is testing technology that would allow authorities to track and ground rogue unmanned aerial vehicles amidst growing security concerns caused by an increase in drone-related accidents and security breaches.  Whil...

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