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      I drove a tank without having to enlist

      At the aptly named Drive A Tank you can jump into the driver's seat of some of the most iconic military hardware of the 20th century. You can even shoot at targets, safe in the knowledge that no one's going to shoot back. It's nice when something lives up to its name. The Ferra...

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        USA Military

        Do you approve of our Military? buy a american flag:

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          Robotic Gunner Screened Human Soldiers in U.S. Army War Game

          buy Kids First Robot Engineer Kit and Storybook:   A machine...

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            Turkey to use unmanned land vehicles in Afrin also known as "tank drones"

            buy unmanned vehicles on amazon: At least 20 unmanned land vehicles will be supplied to Turkish Armed Forces for Operation Olive Branch in northwestern Syria.   The vehicle can be controlled by satellite, which allows the user to control multiple vehicle...

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              Do Governments pay royalties to companies for classified weapon projects?

              Were pretty sure company inventions are being reverse enginnered & used in the military.

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                Marines at Miramar Can Soon Get Rides in a Driverless Vehicle Shuttle

                buy a spy tank on amazon: While the rest of us wait for self-driving Uber cars to become a reality, troops at a small Marine Corps base outside San Diego may be among the first to kick the tires on cutting edge driverless vehicle technology.   While the re...

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                  "The Yemen war is a legitimate war," he said. Saudi Arabia: We do not need German arms

                  buy EMG M1919 WWII American Automatic Squad Support Weapon Airsoft AEG:   Defense   "If Germany has a problem..."Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir has slammed Germany's decision to stop arms exports to Saudi Arabia due to its act...

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