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      Syria warns Israel of 'more surprises' as tensions boil over following Iranian drone incident

          Israel warned Syrian President Bashar Assad to stop letting his war-torn country be used by Iran as a launching pad for attacks, and tensions in the region remained high Tuesday following a weekend skirmish and a new Syrian threat of "more surprise   The warnin...

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        Israeli startup IVO can turn any vehicle into an autonomous vehicle

        Buy Global Specialties AAR Autonomous Mobile Arduino Robot:     As the world transitions to the autonomous era, entrepreneurs want to take the billion vehicles that are already on the road today and make them driverless. IVO Robot Driver is one of the...

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          Israel to restrict entry of Gaza Christians for Easter

          Israel Palestine - a christian response to the conflict Paperback: By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS,   JERUSALEM — Israeli authorities say they have decided to block most of Gaza's small Christian community from traveling to Jerusalem for ...

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            Five Palestinians killed as thousands of Gazans march near Israeli border

            The Israel-Palestine Conflict: One Hundred Years of War Paperback: By   Clashes erupted as thousands of Gazans marched near the Israeli border in a major protest on Friday, with five Palestinians killed and more than 50 wounded. So...

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              For Israel, there’s little political cost to killing Palestinians

              Buy FREE PALESTINE! Save Gaza T-Shirt:   By Ishaan Tharoor,   This weekend in Gaza, Palestinians buried their dead after Israeli soldiers killed at least 15 Palestinian protesters and wounded hundreds more on Friday. About 30,00...

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