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      Erasing History: YouTube’s Deletion Of Syria War Videos Concerns Human rights groups

      Buy a Gopro Hero5:   The Syrian civil war keeps plunging to new depths of unimaginable cruelty. On February 18, the regime of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad launched an aerial assault on Eastern Ghouta, an opposition-held enclave on the outskirts of Damascu...

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        Israel to restrict entry of Gaza Christians for Easter

        Israel Palestine - a christian response to the conflict Paperback: By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS,   JERUSALEM — Israeli authorities say they have decided to block most of Gaza's small Christian community from traveling to Jerusalem for ...

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          Five Palestinians killed as thousands of Gazans march near Israeli border

          The Israel-Palestine Conflict: One Hundred Years of War Paperback: By   Clashes erupted as thousands of Gazans marched near the Israeli border in a major protest on Friday, with five Palestinians killed and more than 50 wounded. So...

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            For Israel, there’s little political cost to killing Palestinians

            Buy FREE PALESTINE! Save Gaza T-Shirt:   By Ishaan Tharoor,   This weekend in Gaza, Palestinians buried their dead after Israeli soldiers killed at least 15 Palestinian protesters and wounded hundreds more on Friday. About 30,00...

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              Ex-Spy Says the Daughter of Dubai's Ruler Has Been Missing Since He Tried to Help Her Escape

              Buy Escape & Evade SERE II Tactical Military Survival Kit   Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed Al Maktoum claims she was abused   By Associated Press,   (TAMPA, Fla.) — Her friends say the last they saw of her was when comm...

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