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      China has built the ‘world’s largest air purifier’ to battle smog

      buy a air purifier: Scientists at China’s Institute of Earth Environment have constructed what they say is the world’s largest air purifier in the northern city of Xian.   The experimental smog-sucking tower stands at over 100 metres tall and i...

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        U.S. urges Australia not to trust Huawei and China with its 5G network

        Buy a Apple iPhone X, Fully Unlocked 5.8", 64 GB - Silver: Pointedly expanding its efforts to address Chinese cybersecurity threats, the United States today urged Australia to keep Huawei equipment out of its 5G networks, reports Australia’s Financial Revi...

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 launches a self-driving ride-hailing fleet for public use in China

          Buy a gun land drone: Autonomous driving technology startup has become the first company to operate an autonomous ride-hailing service on public roads for public users in China. The company, just over a year-old, recently raised $112 million in a Series A rou...

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            U.S. Aircraft Carrier Heads to Vietnam, With a Message for China

            Buy Power Vision PowerRay Wizard Underwater 4K UHD ROV with FPV Headset for Real-Time Viewing, Streaming & Recording the Underwater World BANGKOK — For the first time since the end of the Vietnam War, a United States aircraft carrier is scheduled to make ...

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              US: Broadcom-Qualcomm Merger May Pose National Security Risk

              Buy Qualcomms Globalstar GSP-1600 Satellite Phone: The US Treasury Department is worried that Broadcom's plan to buy Qualcomm could pose a national security threat.   A key concern is that China will take advantage of the proposed merger to steer the d...

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