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      Is Amazon Alexa Fueling The Next Generation of Mobile Apps?

        The 2018 Consumer Electronics Show proved that voice isn’t going anywhere soon, in fact, it’s prominent in almost every industry. From automotive to healthcare, there has been significant growth in digital assistants. What’s possible now with voice is just the begi...

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        Some Instacart Workers Didn't Get Their Tips Because Of a 'Bug'

        get amazon restaurant delivery: Instacart just nailed two of Silicon Valley’s classic misbehaviors—blaming the machines and mistreating contractors. On Friday, the $4.2 billion company said in a blog post that it unintentionally shorted some of its worker...

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          Marines at Miramar Can Soon Get Rides in a Driverless Vehicle Shuttle

          buy a spy tank on amazon: While the rest of us wait for self-driving Uber cars to become a reality, troops at a small Marine Corps base outside San Diego may be among the first to kick the tires on cutting edge driverless vehicle technology.   While the re...

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            Studies are increasingly clear: Uber, Lyft congest cities

            buy a HIGH QUALITY New Honda Motorcycle Scooter:     One promise of ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft was fewer cars clogging city streets. But studies suggest the opposite: that ride-hailing companies are pulling riders off buses, subways, ...

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              Ripple develops blockchain-powered payment app with 61 banks to speed up transactions in Japan

              Buy Blockchain Decrypted for 2018 - How To Profit With Crypto Currencies, Bitcoin, Coins And Altcoins This Year [Print Replica] Kindle Edition: The logo of blockchain company Ripple is seen at the SIBOS banking and financial conference in Toronto, Ontario, Canada Oct...

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