Amazon Could Beat Apple To Start $1 Trillion Club: Report

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Amazon (ticker: AMZN) could beat Apple  (AAPL) and become the first member of the $1 trillion market-valuation club.


"The (Chief Executive Officer Jeff) Bezos strategic path, both on the consumer and enterprise fronts (is) still in the middle innings of playing out and Amazon remains a 'green light' name to own at these levels," Daniel Ives, head of technology research at GBH, said in a note Monday.


Amazon's "1-2 punch" of consumer retail growth and Amazon Web Services, aided by its $13 billion acquisition of Whole Foods Market and entry into health care, could push it past the milestone, said Ives, who raised Amazon's price target to $1,850 from $1,500.


No company has reached the $1 trillion summit of market valuation. Apple, at $908.1 billion, leads Alphabet  (GOOGL), at $794.3 billion, Amazon ($736.8 billion) and Microsoft  (MSFT), $734.7 billion.


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