Pepsi Topples Coca-Cola To Become World’s ‘Most Effective’ Brand

Pepsi Topples Coca-Cola To Become World’s ‘Most Effective’ Brand

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 by Mikelle Leow,


The battle between fans of Coca-Cola and Pepsi will probably linger on, but this year, it’s clear which company has outdone the other in branding.

According to Effie Worldwide’s annual Effectiveness Index, Pepsi has surpassed its competitor and has been named the world’s “most effective” brand.

Last year, the leading title went to Vodafone, which has slipped to fourth place. The two have swapped ranks in 2018.

Coca-Cola, which was named the runner-up last year, also lost its rank to McDonald’s and has fallen to third place.

Additionally, PepsiCo—Pepsi’s parent company—moved up the ranks from fifth to second place in the ‘Most Effective Marketers’ list, only being surpassed by Unilever. The Coca-Cola company, on the other hand, retained its spot as fourth in the list.

Hear that pop? It’s not champagne, but the sound of a Pepsi bottle being opened to tip over its arch-rival.