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Jump on the marijuana trend before it's too late


If you thought there was big potential for marijuana stocks last year, you haven't seen anything yet.


Because 2018 is the year the marijuana megatrend is born!


Previously, early investors in this industry speculated on no-name stocks and thinly-traded companies on little more than rumor. And while a well-timed trade could make you money, there were mammoth risks in marijuana stocks that meant plenty of unwitting investors missed out or lost money through no fault of their own.


Now that the dust has settled, however, we are seeing less chaos and more tangible results from leading cannabis players. These include:

• A fast-growing stock that will make +$30 million in revenue in 2018, compared with just $400,000 in 2017.

• A go-to medical marijuana firm that will see sales jump about 900% this year, and that just won a massive $175 million financing deal to fuel its growth.

• Canada's marijuana leader with 17 years of operating experience that just acquired a smaller competitor and is looking to become the Philip Morris of weed in North America.

If you were skeptical of marijuana stocks last year because of the hype and volatility, I don't blame you. But in 2018, you simply can't afford to sit this megatrend out now that real sales and profits are materializing.


That's why we've prepared a list of five proven and powerful trades to play the marijuana industry with legitimate names — and make legitimate profits!